Universal Anodisers

Universal Anodisers has been operating for more than 45 years and is by far the most experienced organisation in Australia specializing in anodising aluminium sheet and aluminium extrusions for architectural applications.

  1. Current plant was purpose-built in the year 2000 to expand anodising capabilities
  2. Recognised for environmental responsibility with a Cleaner Production Award in 2007
  3. Playing a leading role in colour anodising technology on an international basis
  4. Servicing leading aluminium mills, distributors and fabricators in Australia and NZ
  5. Recognised by clients for its quality control, exceptional service and prompt delivery.

Universal Anodisers are conscious of their environmental responsibilities. Management is constantly looking at ways to improve its processes and at the same time reducing their impact on the environment. Recently Universal Anodisers joined a group of thirteen other businesses from the Smithfield/Wetherill Park Industrial Estate to work with Fairfield City Council and the local Chamber of Commerce on a cleaner production project. With the support from the Council and specialist environmental consultants, Universal Anodisers established its own cleaner production team, bringing together staff from across the business to identify and implement plans for improving the plant's environmental performance.

Universal Anodisers Objectives for joining the Cleaner Production Project were to maintain its quality and service, while being more environmentally friendly and cost effective in its operations.

The first steps taken were to observe the processes, analyse ways which could be improved and research avenues to fulfill the objectives. Once these steps were completed it was clear what was required and how to get the results.

One of the outcomes of the analysis was to outlay a large investment initially and to reap the rewards in the future. What was not known was when the the company would start to reap the benefits. It was evident that the future benefits would outweigh the initial investment and this was proven within the first year.

The company's objectives have exceeded its initial expectations, and with continual implementation and progress reviews, will help maintain their environmental obligations.

Sydney, NSW
Phone: (02) 8788 2000
Fax: (02) 8788 2020

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